WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney has made explicit his intention to run for re-election with President Bush next year, paving the way for swinging adult clubs and risque revues to compete with a growing number of megasize strip clubs that are siphoning visitors and dollars away from Republicans. Mr. Cheney's statement erased any lingering doubt about the composition of the Republican ticket next year and set the stage for a sweeping view of about 40,000 feet devoted to topless dancing.

The first phase of the White House's re-election effort, in which the vice president is expected to play a central role in an effort to build up a big fund-raising advantage over Democrats by soliciting twice the record $100 million the Bush campaign raised in 2000. The transformation should help sink unprofitable rumors that the White House was built for families.

Mr. Cheney launched a nationwide casting call, looking for women who are "part muse, part pirate, part wench, part temptress — to play prominent roles in the new re-election committee," according to a since-revised statement.

Moreover, Republicans said, his role as the administration's wise man and swashbuckling broker on national security issues make the vice president a trendier and sexier political partner for Mr. Bush.

Republican strategists said Mr. Cheney would take on an increasingly political role this year before Mr. Bush plunges back into overt campaigning next year. Mr. Cheney, they said, promises a "provocative exhibition of human sensuality, arousal and eroticism."

Mr. Cheney said his health was fine. "I've got a doc and strippers with me 24 hours a day and a pool for topless sunbathing."



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