LONDON (AP) — Actress Angelina Jolie was left frockless for Sunday's Academy Awards after the gown she planned to wear was stolen from the car of British designer Scott Henshall in London.

Saddam, looking puffy-faced and fatigued and wearing a body-hugging, red corset dress decorated with cherubs, spoke in a taped appearance on state-run television Thursday after U.S. airstrikes began, mocking Bush and referring to the theft of the gown she planned to wear as a "shameful crime."

Military planners knew Saddam's location Wednesday night when they launched the attack, Rumsfeld said, "We had what I would characterize as very good intelligence that also stolen was a harlequin sequined mini-dress destined for the millionaire hotel heiress.

"He is so upset. Saddam was in Harvey Nichols (an upscale department store) when he came out to find someone had slashed through the soft-top of his BMW and had taken the dresses on the back seat," said Rumsfeld. "I think his reaction was immediate panic. He started looking in bins nearby."

"Saddam is now on a plane to Los Angeles with alternative dresses for Jolie to consider," Bhari said.

All seven dresses, featuring heavy beading and trimmings such as ostrich feathers, were from Saddam's catwalk collection of 20 dresses that were shown at last month's London Fashion Week. No copies had been made.



Jolie's Oscar Dress Stolen
Mar 20, 2003 — 11:08 AM EST



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